Please read below before submitting your book for review:

1) We are looking primarily for books aimed at children under 5 (babies, toddlers, and preschoolers).

2) A book with rhymes can only be published in its original written language: Rhymes get lost in translation. Therefore, books containing rhymes are not considered for publishing in additional languages.

3) If your book does not have rhymes and the content translates well to other languages, we’ll consider publishing it in other languages: This is one of the reasons why we ask authors to upload an English version of their book, if not originally written in English. The other reason why we ask for an English version of the book is for illustration purposes. All of our freelance illustrators speak English, but none or maybe just a few of them may speak the language your book was originally written in.

4) Books that are short, objective, easy to understand, engaging and educational have the perfect combination of qualities: Always remember that you’re not writing for yourself or for another adult. You’re writing for little kids ages 5 and under in the process of learning a second or heritage language. Ask yourself this question: Will these kids understand most of my words and concepts?

5) Educational books are more acceptable in the market and easier to get selected for publishing: A book can educate in many ways, such as A) Give a life lesson about good manners, good behavior, empathy, love, friendship, acceptance, diversity, etc. or B) Teach something about culture, history, geography, math, and so on.

1) Please read the information in the Publishing With Us page and also in the Q&A page before applying.

2) We do not accept books that have been previously illustrated, edited, layout, and/or published by other publishers. At ABC Multicultural we provide all needed services to make your dream book come true: editing, illustration, layout, printing, marketing, and selling. We open exceptions to accept books that are illustrated by the author.

3) We do not accept books containing plagiarism. When submitting your book for review and applying for our Publishing Partnership you’re attesting that your writing is original and all yours.

4) To fit our targeted audience, your book must have a maximum of 1000 words. Books with less than 700 words are most likely to be accepted. Click here to count the words of your book.