ABC Multicultural is a startup publishing company focused on creating multilingual children’s literature. We publish and sell children’s books in foreign languages and in English. In addition, we also blog about raising bilingual children, cultures, languages, and everything in between. We are rapidly growing with the support from family, friends, and customers. We all believe in the great benefits of raising bilingual children.

Our Multicultural Team

Ana Cristina Gluck
Founder & Creative Director

Author of Children’s Books
Wife & Mom of two girls
Degree in Commercial Arts/Digital Technologies
From Belo Horizonte, Brazil
Lives in New Jersey, USA

Silvia Miles
PR Manager

Writer at our blog
Wife & Mom of a little boy
Degrees in Journalism and Education
From São Paulo, Brazil
Lives in Vancouver, Canada

Joana Mendes
Portuguese Editor

Founder of O Diário de Aurora
Wife & Mom of a little girl
Degree in Portuguese Literature
From Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Lives in Italy

Renata Oliveira
Marketing Intern

Marketing Assistant
Student of
International Relations
From Belo Horizonte, Brazil

The Purpose Of Our Work

We work with a purpose: to motivate non-native parents in the USA, and other countries, to pass on their native languages to their children. As a result, these children will have the opportunity to grow up bilingual. We believe that language is the most important piece of culture a person can learn and teach. Language has the power to create relationships and bring people closer together. Language (spoken or written) can educate and inspire.

The more languages you know, the more people you can reach. Therefore, bigger will be the difference that you can make in the world. — Ana Cristina Gluck, Founder of ABC Multicultural

We’re currently offering publishing partnerships for authors of children’s books
(in any language)!