Publishing Partnership: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

OVERVIEW: Publishing Partnership with ABC Multicultural

In a Publishing Partnership with ABC Multicultural, you (the author) will be a partner in your own project. First, you’ll submit your book manuscript for evaluation. Then, if your manuscript is approved for publishing, we’ll provide you with all the needed services to create, produce, market, and sell your book. We will each be responsible for 50% of all related costs and we will each make 50% of the sales profit.

If ABC Multicultural approves your book for publishing, we will send you a detailed cost estimate based on your project needs. Most books cost the author between $2.80–$3.80 USD per copy (a minimum of 1000 copies is required).

After your book manuscript is approved for publishing by ABC Multicultural, we can provide you with all of the following services:

  • Creative Services: book illustration, design & layout, proofreading & editing, project management.
  • Print Production: book printing, ISBN purchase and registration, print management.
  • Marketing Services for Book Release: professional photography, book listings on ABC Multicultural and Amazon, author’s web page, press release, email marketing.
  • Marketing Services for Social Media: ongoing advertising posts for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+.
  • Sales Management: product storage, management of orders on the ABC Multicultural website and on Amazon, packaging & shipping, monthly reports of sales & profits.

The Publishing Partnership process is comprised of 4 phases: 1. Book Submission, 2. Partnership Overview, 3. Partnership Agreement, and 4. Working Together. All phases will be explained in detail in the Publishing Partnership Overview document that will be submitted to the author after his/her book manuscript is approved for publishing.

Your book will be sold on our ABC Multicultural website and on our Amazon Shop. We may expand our markets in the future, but at the moment we only commercialize our books in the United States.

PHASE 1: Book Submission

To submit your book manuscript for evaluation, simply fill out the Application Form. You’ll be requested to attach two files:

  1. A manuscript of your book in its original language, attached as a Word, Pages or PDF document.
  2. A *translated version of your manuscript in English, also attached as a Word, Pages, or PDF document.

*We need a translated version in English of your manuscript for two reasons: A) For the illustrator and graphic designer working on your project, who may not understand your book’s original language. B) We look at the English version to consider publishing into other languages.

We consider the following when evaluating your book manuscript for publishing:

  • The quality and content of the story: Your book should be a good read and keep the reader’s attention from beginning to end. It could be entertaining, educational, motivational, interactive, etc…
  • Good grammar: Your writing must have correct spelling and punctuation, and good sentence structure.
  • Subject choice: We evaluate the uniqueness of your subject matter and give preference to books that are original and not similar to other titles widely available in the US market.

PHASE 2: Publishing Overview

During the Publishing Overview phase, authors with books that have been approved for publishing will receive a Publishing Partnership Overview document, followed by a Cost Estimate and a Projected Earnings & Expenses document.

After your manuscript is approved for publishing, we will send you a Publishing Partnership Overview document that will explain all the details about the partnership, followed by a detailed Cost Estimate to publish your book and a Projected Earnings & Expenses document. After all terms and conditions of the partnership are evaluated by the author, we’ll close the deal by signing a Partnership Agreement.

PHASE 3: Partnership Agreement

The Book Publishing Agreement states all terms and conditions of the partnership between you (the author) and ABC Multicultural (the publisher).

After the Book Publishing Partnership Agreement is signed, the author will be invoiced for the services that will be provided by ABC Multicultural, according to previous Cost Estimate approved by the author. Each service will start after the payment of its respective invoice is made in full.

PHASE 4: Working Together

As soon as the Partnership Agreement is signed and your initial payment is made, we’ll start working together to create and publish your book. Meanwhile, you can always reach out to us with questions regarding your project, the Agreement, or anything else in your mind. As partners, we want you to have a very clear understanding of what’s going on at all times.

That is completely up to you. When signing the Book Publishing Partnership Agreement, you’ll indicate how you want to be involved in the illustration process.

Absolutely. You’ll be assigned to work with an Editor specialized in the language(s) you’ll publish your book. You will review and approve your Editor’s proofreading changes and/or revisions to your original book manuscript.

Other Questions

Yes, we publish e-books as an additional publishing option. You must first publish a printed version of your book with us and then request an e-book version of it.

Still have questions?

We’ll give you the answers. Just ask! Send an email to with a list of your questions.