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Oznoz is a learning playground for bilingual kids. This start-up company from New York allows parents to stream famous children’s TV shows, such as Sesame Street, in multiple languages. Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Russian, Hindi, Arabic, and Hebrew are just some of the languages offered by the platform created by Shabnam Rezaei, an entrepreneur who is also the mom of trilingual kids.

The website functions in a way similar to Netflix: users pay a monthly fee of $9.99 and then can choose from high-quality cartoons and children’s programming in 10 different languages. The shows can be streamed or downloaded through any browser, or watched on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Oznoz also hosts an online shop that sells books, CDs and games in different languages.

The company was founded to fill a void in the North American market. It is the first to offer an easy-to-use, ad-free platform with programming for kids in languages other than English or Spanish. For parents struggling to encourage their children to speak a minority language, Oznoz is a godsend.

TV shows in Portuguese by OZNOZ

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Silvia is a Brazilian journalist, teacher, and mom. She grew up in Canada as a bilingual child, speaking only Portuguese at home and English everywhere else. Throughout her adult life, she has lived, studied and worked in both Brazil and Canada. Silvia thinks that bilingualism has opened so many doors for her and she wants the same for her children.